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STOPFREEZE COMBI - pipe frost protection
STOPFREEZE COMBI - pipe frost protection STOPFREEZE COMBI - pipe frost protection
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Kit Size - metres
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STOPFREEZE COMBI - pipe frost protection

STOPFREEZE COMBI is a pipe frost protection solution for boiler condensate discharge lines and many other external & internal pipe applications where freezing can occur, including: farms, caravan parks & camp sites, stables, lofts, garages, holiday homes & lodges, outbuildings & sheds.

Standard STOPFREEZE COMBI sizes range from 1m to 25m but additional lengths are available. When the heating cable is longer than the length of pipe you can cut the cable to the exact length and fit the spare end cap supplied in the kit.

Online price, is inclusive of a self regulating heating cable and IP67 In-Line Thermostat pre-assembled and ready to fit, spare end cap, full instructions, delivery and VAT.

Self regulating heating system for safety and low running cost.

Safe for plastic or metal pipes.

Fits on the pipe in a straight run. No need to spiral.

Protects boiler condensate discharge lines up to 32mm, assuming a minimum 13mm thickness of weatherproof thermal insulation is applied overall to the pipe after fixing the trace heating.

The combination of trace heating and insulation provides the thermal dynamics that offers 100% insurance against pipes freezing. Insulation alone will only delay the action of freezing.

The self regulating heating cable can touch itself, cross over itself or be trapped in the thermal insulation without any danger of overheating or damaging the heating cable. Basically, it adjusts its power output to suit the temperature the actual heating cable feels.

The heating cable is fully waterproof and suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

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